Tuesday, September 12, 2006

How We Came About

Club Quilt Narromine are a group of approximately 30 women who love quilting, embroidery, well might as well say craft in general. A large number of us originally learnt to quilt with Ruth Brien and her off sider Pat Shepherdson. Four years ago we had to find ourselves a new place to meet as our previous place was no longer available to us. The Narromine Bowling Club came to our rescue, and offered to us their meeting room. So we have now have a wonderful room at the Bowlie, we meet every Thursday night and every second Saturday. As for our name a work friend of mine (a male) sometimes asked "what did you do on the weekend" of course I told him about my passion....and he could not help himself to make the odd smart comment....so then when we spoke it was "how was your club quilt weekend".....so why not "Club Quilt".

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