Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Carol's Retreat

Friday 22 September 2006 - Our third visit out to Gus and Carols property - about 20 mins drive out of Narromine. Carol and Gus open up their second home to our quilting group to come out for the weekend. Several of us packed up our bedding, some beverages, some treats and of course a truck load of fabric and all of our sewing needs. As soon as we arrive we set up our sewing machines and off we go. We had a little bit of extra company this time, a lovely big black snake decided he wanted to have a drink out of the dogs water, but Miss Molly thought differently she didn't give up barking until this little fellow found somewhere else to wet his whistle. We also had a giant spider decide he would like to share breakfast with us..........but "Gus" our great white hunter came to our rescue. After all of this excitement we got down to the nitty gritty. Gai came along with several old projects, all dating back to the last century and of course completed two and started on a third. Dale started a new project, made a few changes to the pattern, was happy with her changes and carried onto her next project, also made some changes, didn't really like these changes so she went back to her original pattern. Carol started on her first stippling project, absolutely fantastic, and she was blown away with what she had achieved. Carol also started on a new project for her granddaughter. Pat came out and spent a few hours with us which was most enjoyable, Pat was completing a stitchery we are doing for the Medical Centre here in Narromine. Kath made some cushions for her beloved Tony. and as for me (Peg) I started a project.....an original pattern by Kerry Swain but lots of Peg changes made to it.