Monday, May 21, 2007

Wow, what a weekend!

The Club Quilt annual retreat was held last weekend. This is our fourth retreat at Burrendong. As always, there was much laughter, enormous quantities of yummy food & frenetic quilting activity enjoyed by all. The following tells just a fragment of the story that was Club Quilt Retreat 2007.

Friday night is our time for doing a little something for charity. This year we made 18 small quilts to be donated to the local hospital. These quilts are offered to parents who have tragically lost babies at birth. The hospital requested quilts suitable for little boys this year.

There were little treats:

We enjoyed sample bags of treats donated by local businesses. Our thanks to Marcelle's Patchwork Cottage, Janome Jean, Snazzi Scrappin', Orana Blinds & Awnings and Dubbo Printing Works for generously providing beautiful things for us.

We were also spoilt with wonderful donations from generous designers from all over the country. Ros emailed several designers requesting perhaps an autographed pattern. Well, we were overwhelmed with the generosity of these lovely women! Please support their work. You can find their blogs or websites in the link list to the right.

Ros decided the Club Quilt girls should 'earn' their right to a pick of the 'designer lucky dip'. Her first idea was to run a 100m sprint with prizes to the winner:

However, the howls of protest were so loud that she resorted to her second idea - to tell wedding day stories - and were there some good stories! Veils from yesteryear were dusted off:

There were stunning headpieces:

And many a rollicking good yarn was told:

But the highlight came when Peg emerged in her wedding dress, a feat none of us could match:

And so the girls earned their right to a pick from the 'designer lucky dip' and there were 'ooohs' and 'aaahs' all round:

We spoilt ourselves at the 'Weigela Shop' again this year - thank you to Sue at Warren for allowing us to set up a little bit of her beautiful shop for the weekend:

More news from the weekend, including what projects were worked on, will be posted as photos are gathered & time permits. Check back again soon!


Day-Day said...

Thankyou to Ros for making our weekend more special than it usually is. I really appreciate the thought and effort you put in to our retreat. Thankyou to Peg who organises our retreat every year.We wouldn,t have Club Quilt without your great effort.I know I really appreciate your work . Love Dale

keslyn said...

Looks like you ladies all had a fantastic weekend.
Looking forward to seeing you all here in Nundle soon.
Happy sewing

Anonymous said...

Mum and I agree with Dale a very big thankyou to Ros for all your hard work. We both had a fantastic weekend and as soon as we have our quilts I will email photos to Peg. We are thinking about coming to Nundle! Love Norm and Deb