Monday, October 01, 2007

Retreat at Akuna

We have just retuned from a fabulous weekend at "Akuna", the home of our Gai P.

Carol, Kath, Gai D, Pat and myself (Peg) - June arrived also late Sunday for a one night sleepover......ate ( you have no idea the amount of food we had, then ate, and still had left overs), drank (nothing but water with flavouring), laughed, giggled, and lots of other things (Gai D our lips are sealed, but our Carol will never be the same), ....... and of course we did do lots and lots of sewing (we stayed up until 1pm both nights)....from the bottom of our hearts, thanks Gai P you are a beautiful person.

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keslyn said...

I am sure you ladies all had a great time, you are so lucky you have each other to sew with.
I look forward to seeing all of you projects.