Sunday, January 28, 2007


Ros has found this very sweet poem.....enjoy.

My Quilt

My neighbour is washing her windows
and scrubbing and mopping her floors
but my house is all topsy-turvy
and dust's behind all the doors.

My neighbour, she keeps her house spotless
and she goes all day at a trot,
but no-one will know in a fortnight
if she swept today or not.

The task I'm doing is enticing,
(my poor neighbour is worn like a rag)
I am making a quilt out of pieces
I've saved in a pretty chintz bag.

Oh, and this quilt, I know my descendants
will exhibit with pride in their hearts,
"It is lovely, my grandmother made it,
such an example of patience and art."

But will her grandchildren remember
all her struggles with dirt and decay?
They will not - they'll wish she had madethem
a quilt like I'm making today

Sunday, January 21, 2007

What has Ros Been Up To...

Had a lovely email from Ros - she has been in and checked out our blog...........Unfortunately Ros doesn't get to quilting as often as she would like but she did send me a photo of what she is up to at the moment.
Ros wrote.....
The quilt is for Isabella, first daughter of Paul's youngest sister Ali. She is the only one of Paul's 3 sisters that 'gets' my obsessions with fabric & stitching. The others think I'm mad, I'm sure!

(Sounds normal ???? nothing wrong with an obsession)

Saturday 20 Jan 2007

Another hot January day - we only had five at quilting today - Kerry, Kath, Joan, Helen and Peg and we had a visit from Gai D who came up for lunch.
Joan came with her completed quilt she had made for a friend - check out the scalloped boarders (which she said she could not have done without Pats help) - it is just magnificent. Joan was also putting together her Thimbleberries "Sunrise Quilt". Kath finished her cushions off from the last Saturday - three of them and then she made and completed a heat bag for one of her nieces - Kath was very pleased and they were all just lovely. Kerry finished off her quilt "Cottagewood Dreaming" a Kerry Swain pattern which she did at Nundle a couple of years ago - stunning.......and then she continued on with a "Kerry Klintworth" design - 5inch squares and then a random stitchery throughout - Love - Family - Home - Friends etc stitched in green on tea stained homespun....the squares were made up of reds, browns and greens - 'very nice'.
Helen was doing a shaggy quilt out of what she called 'leftovers' from her flannel stash - very happy quilt, I am not sure who the lucky owner will be of this quilt.
I did a quilt top - squares 5inch from the Moda Chocolat range and added the occasional piece of large coffee rick rack on the diagonal on random squares....(Kerry Swain creation) hope to finish it off with a deep red peeper and a four inch boarder .
So that was the end of our very enjoyable Saturday - as always had a great lunch from the Palms Restaurant.

Thursday, January 18, 2007


A tragic accident occured in Narromine a couple of weeks ago a young 10 year old boy lost his life after a freak accident. The local football club are holding a fundraiser for his family.....Stephens mum Rhonda and his twin sisters. We have made a shaggy quilt as a group and we have donated this to the function and hopefully it will raise some money for the family.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

First Saturday for 2007

Saturday 6th January 2007 .What a great turn out........we had quite a number of ladies turn up. Kath was busy making some extra cushions for their entertaining area. Pat was making one of her famous football quilts this one was for her brother. Joan was busy doing some hand stitching and she also bought along her completed 'Mumms Scrappy Quilt' which we did in a workshop with our group at the end of last year. Kerry came and completed a quilt - which included some lovely stitcheries for a very dear friend. Dale started an angel wall hanging. Gai D was making a shaggy quilt, which she nearly completed........June was finishing off her 'Scrappy Mumms Quilt' (quilt top is now finished and she is very happy with it) Gai P was making a heat bag also for a very close friend. Peg made a shaggy quilt for her niece Ella. Lots of yummy morning and afternoon tea. We had a very enjoyable lunch in the Bowlie restaurant and of course we did the passing of the gifts...........and this was a wonderful way to spend a Saturday. Next Saturday will be the 20th Jan.

Christmas 2006

We held our Christmas Party on Thursday 14th December 2006 at the Narromine Bowling Club where we had a wonderful two course meal. A little bit of champaign and guava......which was very nice. We had 18 ladies to the night. What we do is make a handmade gift, we wrap it and then we swap the gift on the night. This year the gifts were outstanding......we have been doing this now for about three years and it never seems to amaze me with what ideas our ladies come up with and the quality of the work........just mind boggling..........a few photos have been attached.

Gai P's Retreat

Bit Late adding this ........
Last October 2006

Well how lucky are we............. another retreat, this time we went to Gai P's home which is about 30mins out of town. Dale, Peg, Carol, June, Gai, sleepover for two nights Kath one night sleepover - Kerry and Carolyn came for the day on Saturday and Pat come out for the day on Sunday.....
As always too much food (but ever so yummy) snakes that we saw.
Everyone bought outs lots of projects and achieved heaps. Champaign and guava juice went down very well, Dale thoroughly enjoyed this new refreshment (very cheap drunk) not saying Dale got drunk but lets just say.........two glasses and she would be anyone's. Lots of laughs and of course we did learn a few things..... thanks to the internet!!!!!!!