Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Early Bird Challenge…….by Pat…


 P6090311 P6090309

P6090312 P6090314



“AWESOME”……these are all Pat’s entries into Judith’s Early Bird Challenge……the tea towels look fantastic and the bottle bag is a great idea……they all look wonderful Pat…..we have a little thing that goes around at Club Quilt….that Pat loves a challenge and she has out done herself here…..


Fiona @ Dragonfly-Crafts said...

WOW! Hasn't someone been busy. They all look fantastic. The heat bags are my favourite.

marilyn said...

Pat, your gifts are amazing. And so many too. You have been busy. Well done on winning the draw for the month.

Good to see quilting flourishes in Narromine. I live there for 3 years, about 30 years ago.(oh makes me sound old) and I have very fond memories of the town. Loved our time there.

marilyn said...

sorry - should say lived.

Jan said...

Lovely work, Pat. And congratulations on your win.
Cheers, Jan
PS: I get a lot of use from that lovely quilters' companion you made for me in the paper bag swap and it is much admired!